Thomas J. Harrison, M.D.

“Our working arrangement and relationship with Mr. Ivy was excellent. He was not only able to translate our thoughts, ideas and wishes into excellent architectural sense, he was also able to contribute innovative exciting ideas to our plan. I would recommend his architectural abilities strongly.”

Clarence Pautzke, PhD

“I interviewed several architects and chose Mark based on his past designs, recommendations from satisfied clients, and his temperament. I highly recommend Mark Ivy to someone seeking architectural services. He has the ability to translate a long list of desirable elements into a refreshing, functional design that takes advantage of the unique character of the location. His designs are not variations on other’s themes: they are truly ‘custom’. Mark has the proper temperament to work with clients toward a mutually satisfactory design. He will not overwhelm the client or show offense to criticism of his draft designs. Above all, Mark is an outstanding architect who has experience in construction and expertise in a broad spectrum of design, from overall floor plan to detailed interior finish work.”

W. R. Stewart

“We have found Mark Ivy and his staff to be true professionals. They are able to understand and accommodate the needs of other parties and the limitations of practicality and finance in connection with construction activities.”

Thomas H. Dahl

“We interviewed several architects and chose Mark because he demonstrated respect and appreciation for our ideas, had a genuine interest in the creative process between owner and architect, and had a realistic sense of how people live in a house. He paid attention to design detail and had sufficient hands-on experience. We found in Mark intangible qualities of courtesy, humor, and graciousness that were extremely valuable during the project.”

Kurt & Jia-her Wong

“Mark Ivy will incorporate his client’s architectural desire and merge natural surroundings with his vision to come up with the best design under any circumstance. He is not afraid of tackling difficult conditions and always finding solutions to reach his goals. He helped us to build a harmonious environment and our dream home, we love his design work and wouldn’t hesitate to do it again.”